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Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror

Gray Glass is pleased to offer Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror to our valued customers. Unlike regular clear mirrors, Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror is not that reflective. Most often it is installed on the doors of wardrobes. But you can also use this mirror as an independent element of the interior. 
Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror by Gray Glass Company provides a contemporary aesthetic design element with a stainless steel edge.
This mirror is perfect for wall coverings and is to be used only in interior applications. 

Advantages of Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror

That's not a secret that frosted mirror is considered as a stylish and modern design element.  It looks expensive, and the matte structure is perfect for
different stylistic directions in the interior. The objective advantages of Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror include: 

Even after years of use, the product looks clean. The matte surface does not retain traces of use (dust, fingerprints). 
This mirror is ideal to use in the spaces with small children.

There are no stains on the Frosted Mirror during its cleaning. Unlike mirrored surfaces, Acid Washed becomes clean after the first wipe. 

Low Iron Acid Etched Mirror is resistant to cracks and scratches. Therefore, its service life is quite long.


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