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Magic of Front Surface Mirror

Front Surface Mirror, that is also known as First Surface Mirror, is an optical mirror that provides excellent accuracy for engineering and scientific applications.

Unlike a standard mirror, that is coated on the back surface, Front Surface Mirror gives true reflection without double image.

Production of Front Surface Mirror

Front Surface Mirror is manufactured under strict quality control conditions to ensure defect-free and undistorted reflection.
It has a highly reflective coating with high performance in visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, as well as durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Front Surface Mirror has the aluminum mirror coating on the glass surface which maximizes the amount of reflected light, minimizes distortion and prevents ghosting.

Advanced aluminum mirror coating optimized for the visible spectrum. The dielectric coating prevents scratches and oxidation.
Strict standards ensure industry-leading quality.

Aluminum is deposited in vacuum on the glass surface, carefully selected for flatness and quality, together with a dielectric layer
to further improve the reflective properties of aluminium.
The dielectric layer forms a strong coating that protects it from oxidation and scratches.
Use of pure glass and strict production the process is necessary to prevent the formation of dust bubbles in the coating and other potential anomalies in the coating, such as thermal expansion and fingerprints.

Our engineers cut the mirror according to our customers' specifications and sanding, chamfering or polishing the edges to eliminate sharpness.

Front Surface Mirror Applications

1) Flight simulators, periscopes 2) Broadcasting, photography, projection. 3) Optics, astronomy, physics, lasers 
4) Optical illusions and museum exhibits 5) Barcode Scanners 6) Hollywood special effects 7) High speed photography 
8) Stage magic 9) Production automation 10) Kaleidoscopes, product photography 11) Ophthalmic eye examinations, dental mirrors 
12) Light effects 13) Metrology 14) Robotics

Benefits & Advantages of Front Surface Mirror 

1) Optical quality mirror coating 2) Durable dielectric coat 3) Guaranteed quality 4) International shipping 5) Careful packaging

6) Precision custom cutting 7) Sanded edges 8) No minimum order 9) Shipping via UPS

Please give us a call today for Your Front Surface needs!

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