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Skytex Glass For Your Design Ideas

The Gray Glass company produces Skytex Glass according to the sizes and sketches provided by our customers.

We make Frosted Skytex Glass with a help of Sandblasting that is suitable for creating partitions in the bathroom 

sleeping area, doors and furniture.

Skytex Glass is a clear, linear patterned glass offering moderate privacy. It is temperable and can be laminated.

Rolled glass with 1/8" wide linear fluted pattern

Category: Patterned Glass

Glass Type: Soda Lime

Pattern: Linear, Industrial, Modern, Symmetrical

Privacy Level: Moderate

Safety: Temperable, Laminatable

Style: Clear

Thickness: 5/32, 1/4

For more information about our glass materials, contact a glass expert at Gray Glass today.

Gray Glass Company

217-44 98th Avenue

Queens Village, 

New York 11429

Phone: 718-217-2943

Fax: 718-217-0280


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