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Solite Glass For Your Privacy

Solite Glass is a sort of patterned glass formed with a diamond pattern on one face and a smooth pattern on the other face made of an ultra-transparent, low-iron glass. 

Solite Glass has the unique degree of privacy and diffusion while having a virtually colorless and this appearance ensures the highest energy transmission over the whole solar spectrum.

This glass is ideal for interior commercial and residential applications such as doors, windows, lighting, partitions and foyers.


Uniform diffusion pattern, popular for lighting. Approximate 91.0% of solar energy transmitted through 1/8" thick Solite.

Category: Patterned Glass

Glass Type: Low Iron

Pattern: Symmetrical

Privacy Level: Moderate

Safety: Temperable, Laminatable

Style: Clear

Thickness: 1/8

Sheet Size: 48" x 96"


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