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Tempered Glass by Bear Glass

We at Gray Glass company offer our customers to use the service of Glass Tempering at an affordable price.

Tempered glass is resistant to critical loads and mechanical damage. The impact and bending strength of tempered glass 

is 6-7 times higher than normal.

Tempered Glass NY

Glass tempering technology

Glass Tempering is one of the ways to make your product safer and stronger.

The glass is heated to a temperature of 1200-1250° and then uniformly cooled by air.

As a result of tempering, a residual compressive stress is formed in the surface layer of the glass, which provides 

increased strength of the glass, its heat resistance and safety in case of destruction 

(tempered glass breaks into many "granules" without sharp edges)


Order tempered glass from Gray Glass Today!

Gray glass provides Tempered Glass according to individual sizes in the shortest possible time.

Buying from us, you get products that have passed quality control at all stages of production.

Call us and see for yourself!


Our managers will provide you with full information on the cost, size grid and the possibilities of manufacturing 

the necessary product.

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